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Simone at Kiln

Mona Enamel is a contemporary jewelry lined focused on modernizing retro shapes and colors using glass enamel. All of our products are made in our Boston-based studio by owner + maker, Simone Parker.

In 2008, Simone inherited her grandmother’s jewelry kiln from the 1950s. Simone’s father remembered enough to get her started in the garage. With it came boxes of vintage copper pieces, dried tubes of chemicals, and jars of powdered glass. These relics were the tools that began Simone’s journey into enameling. While her studio and metalsmithing skills have grown over the years, the old kiln remains an intergral part of her growing business as both a tool and a family legacy.

At Mona Enamel, we strive to make beautiful, quality products that add a bit of style to the everyday. We believe “less is more” and utlize simple shapes with bright colors to deliver products that can stand on their own and stand apart from other jewelry on the market.